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About Våffelbagaren

The Company

Våffelbagaren i Kristianstad AB is a company who is specialized in manufacturing ice cream cones.

The ice cream cones are sold to ice cream factories and all the big chains for the consumer market.

We are certified according to “BRC Food Safety” in order to maintain highest quality and food safety possible.

Certifikat BRC - Food Sve-Eng Vaffelbagaren 2014


"We have been established since 1989. At that time we produced all cones by hand. Through the years we have grown slowly until today when we are using top modern full automatic production in brand new facilities. Still with the same taste and quality as from the beginning. We are today the biggest and most modern manufacturer in Scandinavia of ice cream cones."Våffelbagaren

Environment & Quality policy

Environment Policy

Våffelbagaren shall contribute to a lasting community and maintain a durable development by keeping the environmental effects lowest possible.

This is done by:


Use of production methods that has low impact on the environment and keep the waste disposal at a minimum. Avoid pollution of the air and water and make sure the waste management is handled in a safe and responsible way.

Secure that energy is used with moderation in our company. As energy resource we use energy efficient gas oil. Improve energy usage and save energy by recycle heat with help of heat exchanger.


By purchasing environment friendly packaging and by using recyclable packaging material.

By optimizing our packaging so the air “built in” is lowest possible.


Optimize product loading of pallets which gives fewer pallets and fewer transportations.

By cooperation with local distributors which reduces the transport distance and minimize reloads.

By purchasing raw material and ingredients at local producers which reduces environmental effects from the transportation and in the end helps us provide a higher quality on our products.

Quality policy

Våffelbagaren shall offer the customer the best product on the market.

This means we shall provide a product with the highest quality regarding crispness, strength and taste. It also means we shall provide the customer a high service level

By being flexible and using top modern equipment we are able to make deliveries in time and keep short delivery times without any complaints.