Hard Topping – Chocolate

A chocolate topping that solidifies when it get’s cold. Perfect topping for both ice cream and other desserts, as it can be combined with most things for those who like the sweet.

Instruction for use

Should be shaken before use. If the topping is cold and does not run out of the tube, put the tube under hot water or in a water bath until it is liquid again. Maximum temperature of water: 40 ° C. The product is stored above 21 ° C to keep it liquid.

NOTE: Shake and keep at least 21 ° C to achieve best results.

Vegetable fat (coconut and shea), sugar, fat reduced cocoa (18%), emulsifier (soy lecithin (E322)), salt. aroma.

Soy, may contain traces of milk.

Energy 2667 kJ / 638 kcal
Fat 54g
- in which saturated fat 32g
Carbohydrates 32g
- in which sugers 30g
Protein 3,9g
Salt 0,2g